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Executive Coaching

Why are most coaching strategies flawed and ineffective? Simple. They purely scratch the surface. We dig deeper – getting to the root of the problem to promote lasting change. It’s about exploring the person – not the problem – carefully analysing habits and behaviours, overcoming weaknesses, and embracing strengths. Our robust coaching techniques look at the client as a whole, shaping practical habits and self-awareness through face-to-face OR video conference meetings.

Team Coaching

Trust. Joint decisions. Conflict management. Better communication. Flawless collaboration. Just a few of the things Claire Jung Coaching Team can help YOU to achieve. Our certified, credentialed coaches are expertly trained to empower you with all you need to make your OWN solutions, turning your goals into reality quickly and easily.


These are just some of the workshops we offer. Our workshops can be designed and tailored to meet your individual business needs
Finding your Executive Presence

Without confidence, no leader can be taken seriously. That’s what we aim to combat here – through our “Lunch n Learn” or in-depth half-day workshop. Explore ways to become more vocally and physically present, using globally-renowned techniques to make more of an impact in all you do.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Every one of us has a unique “Psychological Type”, in line with Carl Jung’s theory. By knowing which of the 16 profiles you fall under, you can reflect on your natural strengths and possible weaknesses. With this knowledge in tow, you can use everyone’s strong points to create a team that thrives like a well-oiled machine.

Building Trust

Trust is the fuel the drives any relationship; most prominently in the workplace. Trust between managers and employees is arguably one of the most important – which begins by defining the term “Trust”. In our Building Trust workshop, we’ll use Dr. Brené Brown’s “BRAVING” model to pinpoint what you need to do to promote a stronger atmosphere of trust throughout your workplace. This is the secret to deeper conversations, less setbacks, and more productivity.

Habits for Greatness

The dictionary defines a habit as a “settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.” Habits are formed through repetition, and have three parts. The trigger, the behaviour, and the reward.

In our in-depth 2-hour workshop, we’ll reveal how and why habits are formed, and how to replace negative ones with positive ones. Habits hold the power to make or break your potential to be great. These interactive group exercises and discussions equip each participant with an instantly-implementable plan of action.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions”. Wise words from Mr. Ken Blanchard, who understands that feedback is the nutrition that feeds better performance, learning, and growth. It’s key to helping leaders make a bigger impact; syncing their behaviours with the goals of the organisation. By connecting you to our model for effectively giving and receiving feedback, we can help you to understand what measures need to be put into place to nurture a more inspired, energetic culture.

Leadership Development Workplace Assessment

Our no-obligation workplace assessment will examine the state in which your team is currently sitting; through leader interviews, employee focus groups, observations, and surveys. This way, we can analyse workplace behaviours, engagement levels and more to produce detailed reports and provide suggestions accordingly for long-term improvement.

Become the leader you need to be