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Becoming the Leader You Need To Be

Building Trust in the Workplace

The Power of Habit

Building Habits for Greatness

From technical expert to leader

The cost of not supporting new leaders

How to Deliver Effective Coaching

Why conventional coaching is ineffective

Cash Rich but asset poor?

Understand your relationship with money for long-term financial wellness

Team Coaching

Turning your goals into reality quickly and easily.

In addition to the workshops I run on a regular basis for my clients, I never miss an occasion to address audiences to share with them the simple secrets to achieving more by unleashing what you naturally have within you
With Karen See from {embrace} worldwide – curator of TEDx TinHauWomen Salon: Power, Permission, Progress
Claire Jung – speaker coach to Micaela Cronin, CEO of Hagar International
Group coaching at a #MeToo What Next event in Hong Kong
Group coaching at a Lynk Knowledge SHeroes event: She Can. So She Did: You Can Too!
Group coaching at a Lynk Knowledge SHeroes event: She Can. So She Did: You Can Too!
Panelists and coaches at a #MeToo event in Hong Kong.

Ken Chow – group coach, Karina Calver – Panelist (counsellor for trauma and relationships), Pascale Bertoli – Panellist (organizational psychology & counselling), Helen Lockey – Speaker (Director of Educational & Institutional Intelligence), Karen See – {embrace} worldwide (moderator), Claire Jung – group coach, Christine Cheong – group coach

With Micaela Cronin – Tedx speaker and CEO of Hagar International
Talk topic: One person can make a difference
A workshop on facilitation skills for a group of group facilitators at BNP Paribas Co-Development Programme
A workshop on team effectiveness and communication skills at BNP Paribas Co-Development Programme

Become the leader you need to be