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I am a certified coach (International Coach Federation, PCC), certified Integral Coach (New Ventures West), certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner, certified Workplace Big 5 Profile practitioner, certified practitioner of the CCL 360 Assessment Suite, certified MindGym coach and trained in Cohen Brown Sports Coaching for Business.

Everything I do, I’m led by my sense for the power of habit. I spent close to two decades working for some of the world’s biggest banks. My career has taken me across three continents – from London to Sydney to Hong Kong, where I held regional management roles across Compliance, Learning & Development and Leadership Coaching. As Lead Coach and Performance Excellence Consultant for Asia at The Royal Bank of Scotland, I supported leaders in building high-performing teams while challenging mindsets. Before this, I was Head of Compliance at RBS Hong Kong, and I have also worked for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Macquarie Bank, Morgan Stanley, and the London Stock Exchange.

In my 18 years in the banking industry, I have succeeded as a manager and leader of teams by maintaining my passion for people-development. My time in Asia also saw me saying “I do” to my Korean husband, and the father of my children. My banking career and journey throughout Asia shaped my ability to evolve in diverse environments – constantly challenging my limits and growing through the growth of others. It is this quality that saw me becoming a coach, with the credibility to back my abilities. However, it was my ability to understand and shape my habits that enabled me to truly succeed in what I do.

The Power Of Habit.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by our pursuit for greatness. The bigness of it all can be paralysing. But I believe there’s nothing that can’t be done if you get the habits right. They’re the small but significant behaviours, mindsets and actions that make greatness possible. That’s why I help you break your challenges down to pinpoint the root cause and help you build new powerful habits. When you’ve made a few of these small but significant changes, the difference adds up. And all of a sudden you’re in new territory, ready to take the next step with confidence.

Happiness In Life Leads To Success At Work.

It would be nice if we could compartmentalise our experiences. We would be free from knock on effects, baggage and complexities. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. Which means the experiences we have outside work have an impact on our experiences inside work, and vice versa. That’s why I like to explore the whole, everything inside and outside. So together we can pinpoint where your real challenge lies and what you can do about it.

Real Change Involves Discomfort.

I don’t do what I do to make people feel better. I do it to make them be better. There’s a distinction I’d like to call out here because being better, making real change, doesn’t always feel good. But for me, discomfort is a signal real work is being done. And you can take comfort knowing it’s going to lead you to redefine your greatness.

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