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Building habits for greatness

The Journey From

Ordinary To Extraordinary

Starts With The Creation Of New Powerful Habits

I empower leaders in transition and professionals moving into

Leadership roles with the skills and habits needed to succeed

Sound Familiar?

Do you spend your day firefighting, managing multiple stakeholders and projects, or trying to motivate teams who are resistant to change?
If you’re over burdened by legacy processes, or never get to the bottom of your daily ‘to do’ list, then how can you make time to lead?
Successful leadership habits allow you to build more visible and fulfilled teams, and have a positive impact on your organisation. Together, we can redefine your comfort zone and unleash what you naturally have within you.

It’s much easier to achieve more when you know how!

During my 20+ years of corporate life, I often felt that I was spending my days firefighting, managing people, stakeholders and projects, and worst of all, trying to motivate change-resistant teams. I felt lonely in my struggles until I opened my eyes to see that I was simply dealing with the daily lot of managers.

Whether restrained by legacy processes or never getting to the bottom of the daily ‘to do’ list, the result was the always the same: how can you make time to lead effectively?

I realized that if I was to succeed, I needed to develop the leadership habits that would allow me to build more visible and fulfilled teams to have a positive, durable impact within the organization.

Today, my mission is to share the knowledge I acquired leading teams to excellence. Empowered leadership is rewarding. It multiplies the effectiveness of the team as a whole and creates the cohesion that is needed to achieve greater objectives.

In addition to the workshops I run on a regular basis for my clients, I never miss an occasion to address audiences to share with them the simple secrets to achieving more by unleashing what you naturally have within you.

I benefited immensely from having Claire Jung as my coach. She introduced new habits to revamp my operating model in management and I gained new insights in task management and coaching. She guided me through tumultuous periods at work by giving me the much-needed assurance and confidence.

Managing Director, Head of Rates Trading Asia

Working with interns at an investment bank on personal branding and executive presence
Hosting and moderating a panel of financial experts on: Is the Banking Industry Doomed What’s next for me?
With Micaela Cronin – Tedx speaker and CEO of Hagar International

Talk topic: One person can make a difference

Group coaching at a #MeToo What Next event in Hong Kong

Topics I cover

A lot of my activity is centered around coaching leaders in transition. Yet lately, I have discovered how helping technical experts become great leaders is essential in many organisations, since skilled professionals often find themselves responsible for leading teams. The people skills required for effective leadership are not always found naturally in technical profiles. Taking a larger view on the workplace of today, transition is a central part of our everyday lives. All the topics I cover either in speaking engagements or workshops deal with the empowerment of leaders or team members in transition to new roles or responsibilities, and how to get the best out of the team and themselves.

Becoming the Leader You Need To Be

Building Trust in the Workplace

The Power of Habit

Building Habits for Greatness

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The cost of not supporting new leaders

How to Deliver Effective Coaching

Why conventional coaching is ineffective

Cash Rich but asset poor?

Understand your relationship with money for long-term financial wellness

Team Coaching

Turning your goals into reality quickly and easily.

I believe in the power of habit

Claire enhances the effectiveness of top-level teams by coaching them in establishing successful habits to become accomplished and impactful professionals.
Great habits open the way to excellence.
Claire leading a workshop on team effectiveness and communication skills at BNP Paribas Co-Development Programme

How I can help you

Whatever I do, I’m led by my sense for the power of habit. I spent close to 20 years working for some of the world’s largest banks. My career took me across three continents, during which I held management roles across Compliance, Learning & Development and Leadership Coaching.

As Lead Coach and Performance Excellence Consultant for Asia at the Royal Bank of Scotland, I supported leaders in building high-performing teams while challenging mindsets. My previous experience as Head of Compliance at RBS HK, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Macquarie Bank, Morgan Stanley, and the London Stock Exchange, provided me with unparalleled opportunities to learn in real-time the skills needed to incorporate successful leadership habits to achieve corporate excellence.

I share with my clients the techniques that allow the transition from ordinary to extraordinary. I am always surprised at how easily and rapidly we can change so much. I also am extremely pleased how the discipline acquired during my years in banking is applicable to all sectors, especially today with banking-style regulations and compliance being introduced in so many different sectors.

Leadership programmes tailored to your needs

Executive Coaching
Team Coaching
Leadership Development Assessment

Get the habits right to change your mindset.

They’re the small but significant behaviors, mindsets and actions that make greatness possible. But you need to know where you are coming from to know how to reach your destination!

Jung coaching to excellence model

A result-orientated method

My proven approach typically results in my clients acquiring better communication skills with their teams and stakeholders, in a short period of time too. They also enjoy increased productivity and improved leadership skills. Often, they succeed in creating the conditions for motivated and engaged teams with a better view of the company. The bonus is that I get to see them happier at home and at work.

The focus of the trainings is on unleashing your natural greatness with small habits, leveraging what you naturally within you and make these simple habits a habit on your journey to excellence

Real change involves discomfort

I don’t do what I do to make people feel better. I do it to make them be better
Claire Jung

About Claire

In my 18 years in the banking industry, I have succeeded as a manager and leader of teams by maintaining my passion for people-development. My time in Asia also saw me saying “I do” to my Korean husband, and the father of my children. My banking career and journey throughout Asia shaped my ability to evolve in diverse environments – constantly challenging my limits and growing through the growth of others. It is this quality that saw me becoming a coach, with the credibility to back my abilities. However, it was my ability to understand and shape my habits that enabled me to truly succeed in what I do.

CLAIRE JUNG, certified coach (International Coach Federation, PCC), certified Integral Coach (New Ventures West), certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner, certified Workplace Big 5 Profile practitioner and trained in Cohen Brown Sports Coaching for Business.

“Claire has unique coaching skills which helped me identify personal attributes and skills which had not been known to me. She is proficient in listening, observing and asking questions to identify root cause of issues. Throughout the six months of coaching I made considerable positive changes. I would recommend Claire’s executive coaching services for any executives and senior leaders.”
Market Risk Director, Banking Industry

Become the leader you need to be